Contentment is my practice today

Hello dear one.

I’m trying out vlogging (video logging or video blogging).

I still love to write, so this vlog-ing may stick around or it may be a once in a lifetime thing.

Either way, I hope you can take about 10 minutes to listen in to my musings on a theme in my life right now: contentment.

In this VLOG I discuss:

My grief around letting go aspects of myself as I became a mama

What I feel always happens to expectations in life

The practice that brings me back to my center

What I see a lot of mothers talking about across the blog sphere right now

How to love the tough stuff of your life

I hope you enjoy ~ let me know how this discussion on contentment finds you today.


R o s e

Things referenced in this vlog:

My past blogs about expectation here and here.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic

What if all I want is a mediocre life? by Krista O’Rielly-Davi-Digui

My handmade mug is by Lorie Means Holton

My instagram post that I mentioned as inspiration

And last but not least here’s my husband’s website…as you can see he’s really into the process of practice.

2 Replies to “Contentment is my practice today”

  1. Cathleen F. says: Reply

    Thank you, Rose. Took a few moments of my lunch break to spend time with this video and the idea/practice of contentment, and am glad I did. Take care!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Cathleen. I am glad this reached you to remind you of all the facets of contentment. I hope you are well!

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