Art process

The Action of Arrival

So, you know the story. Wake up, go to work, do your best work, come home. Rinse & repeat, Monday through Friday. I did this for years. I am very lucky that I figured out, about 5 years ago, that an 8-5 desk job at a computer makes me feel like I’m a dim light.[…]

I’m Hanging up my Archive Cap

When I started this year of 2013, I knew it was a year for transformation. I knew that I wanted to grow and become more confident in my talents and abilities. How? I did not know how. Yet, I set forth with my intention and carried on my merry way. During this year, as an[…]

How to Change

Let me start with a question: How have you changed? WHAT? That is a doozy of a question, right?! Ok, I won’t throw a huge question like that at you anymore today…maybe. I have been pondering the idea of change after a recent conversation with my girlfriend. I was telling her a story about my[…]

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