Find your motivation as an artist

Hello beautiful,

Today, I want to talk to you about finding your motivation.

Do you ever get stuck and feel unmotivated or uninspired?

Yeah, me too.

As I discuss in this video (9 minutes long) we’re under a cloud right now of corona darkness.

Now, I want to pause here and say: if you’re feeling really stuck in depression, first of all: you’re not alone.

Secondly, I deeply encourage you to get the help you deserve. You deserve to feel seen and to get relief.

Open path collective is an organization that I highly recommend to find affordable professionals to help you. Using the information on their site is how I discovered my therapist years ago.

((( big hug)))

I created this video because I know we’re all feeling stuck in some way.

Artists and creatives are really feeling the darkness, too.

If you ever struggle with motivation, I made this video for you!

I cover:

A fresh way to look at motivation

A tool to find new inspiration

What comparison has to do with motivation

My favorite way engage your brain

Plus, at the end, I pretty much say it all in one sentence.

Watch here: 9 minutes total

Links for more education:

Open path collective for finding a therapists at an affordable rate

Learn to create with your inner seasons

Daily routines of creatives throughout history

My documentation of my favorite form of movement

As always, I embrace you for who you are and what you’re doing.


Find your motivation as an artist

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