A note to my warrior self

To the Rose in this photo, 4 years ago and 40 hours into labor of her baby. This is what I want you to know: Your baby will be here early tomorrow morning, as light begins to crack open the dawn. You have been moving mountains and calling upon the strength of your ancestors to[…]

6258518135891 years of quarantine

One of my favorite things about this quarantine, if I may, is how people keep writing things like: Today is the 137414518 day of quarantine. Time is relative, right? We all know about this ancient yet o-so-modern idea. And there’s no greater experience of this relative time than, well, now. One thing I know now,[…]

Made to be resilient

As corona virus sweeps through the world, I’ve thought a lot about our ancestors. Particularly my ancestors, who I know best (just like you know your ancestors best). I wrote this in an instagram post at the beginning of March: Your ancestors did this. Your lineage of people went through this, this feeling of unknown,[…]

They don’t see your insides

On being vulnerable, especially during corona time. Vulnerability is hard. I can’t imagine a life without it, because the most amazing connections come from it. Yet approaching doing something that makes me vulnerable: eh, some days I’d rather not. Recently, I was given the honor of giving a master class for Asha Frost’s Sacred membership,[…]

You’re in a unique position right now

(a pic of me, really pumped to be writing to to you this week!).  Dear creative one, I’ve missed writing to you weekly on all things creativity, time, and being human. I’ll be back at it some day soon. But, I do have words to share with you! I wrote a blog for the Joan Mitchell[…]

Saying goodbye to blogging, for now

This is my 256th blog on this site. I’ve spent 6 years here writing weekly, 12 years writing in general for you to read (throwing back to my blogspot days!). Blogging is a deep place of love for me, it’s like my home. Today, I retire it — if only for a few months, as[…]

Launching online in the time of coronavirus

Whoa ya’ll. As I planned my 2020, I was very excited to debut my membership program, Time Keeper Collective, in March. As the days rolled closer to my launch date coronavirus was buzzing. But it was still, well, over there. Just make sure to wash your hands, right? Last week when I was actively enrolling[…]

When nothing lights you up

Recently, I wrote about my turmoil of feelings while waiting to hear back about a job opportunity, and also about running my online business. If you read those, and are reading this today, I’ll go ahead and claim my theme as of late: I’m evaluating. And I had a few blogs planned to write today,[…]

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