the unexpected companion

(collage art by me! be the first to know about my new art by clicking here.) Lately, I’ve been thinking about friendship breakups. Because, well, covid times feel like a huge breakup with the entire world. One thing I know about my research lately around grief is this: grief is connective Meaning, when you grieve[…]

Find your style

Hi creative one, Do you ever wonder what sets your art apart from others? Style. It’s your signature, it’s you, it’s what makes people say: this looks like {insert your name}’s work. In this episode of my studio diaries, I share with you 3 ways you can develop your style. In this 9 minute video,[…]

Your perspective is your truth

As I sit here, I’m waiting like you’re waiting. Waiting to know what’s election results in the US, but also waiting for almost everything.  I’m also choosing to see what I want to see. Today, that means removing myself from the news cycle as much as possible. In art, perspective is choosing an angle by[…]

Listen to yourself

What I’ve been culminating in the quiet and chaos of this time is various forms of this message: There’s no one out there that can answer the direction of your path but you. AND, all your story, trauma, sorrow, joy, and experience is there (not to be ignored or bypassed) as you keep making the[…]

Document your Day

Document your day is series of 28 prompts to help creatives grieve ambiguous loss caused by COVID-19. Daily actions, such as taking a photo or journaling events, gives perspective and a sense of agency during times of loss.  Ambiguous loss, a term coined by therapist Dr. Pauline Boss, is a grief that has no closure,[…]

Start with what you know

In ancestry research, a big fear in starting is not knowing where to begin. It can feel complicated at least to all the sudden add branches to your family tree. But here’s the thing: you start with the ancestor you know the most about. Then, you work from there.  Actually, I’m certain that this feeling[…]

The Great Confusion

During the era of covid-19, we’re all probably confused about something. What can we do to get clarity? In the recent months, people have been given a lot of advice on how to live. Way more than we’ve ever, in our timeline, been given. And the advice given is as varied dumplings are across cultures[…]

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