Author: Rose C

Have you heard the news?

I went after a dream of mine, one that has been seeded for about 15 years. I applied and was accepted into an accredited Master of Library Science program, and I’m over the moon thrilled.  I had been intimidated by a few things about returning to graduate school for a while, but finally things just[…]

Studio structure made easy

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is this: how do you make time to make art? While I wish it was a simple as having some sort of time management system, but truly the answer is this: I have all my supplies easily accessible and ready for when the time presents itself.[…]

You’re more than what you do

It’s confusing to be here sometimes, isn’t it? You’re told to identify by your career or your status. As in, in your bio you’ll write: teacher, mother, wife…etc. Yet. You’re much more than what you do. Who you are isn’t how you spend your time. Because if who we are, like the core essence of[…]

Theory vs. Experience

Oh goodness. Lately, on my minute musings, I’m really fired up about a few things. For instance, how I’m not really career motivated. It feels like a confession as a woman, who knows how much fight has been fought to get us to even a place at the table, I’m not motivated to move up[…]

Minute musings

Do you have a minute? Or two? I’ve begun a new series where I’m coming to you for about 120 seconds (sometimes shorter) to talk about what’s up. What’s up with life, art, being human during this time. I’ve started this in order to document things I’m thinking, or musing, on. This is a facet[…]

Conflict means it’s working

When there’s conflict, it means it’s working. About 5 months ago, my husband and I actively began to work on strengthening our marriage. Like many people during this pandemic, we were faced with aspects of how we were doing day to day that, simply put, weren’t serving us anymore. In one of the books recommended[…]

You’re more than this

A few days ago, I listened to Bryan Stevenson and Krista Tippet on the podcast On Being. If you’re not familiar with Bryan Stevenson, he’s the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama and Aronson Family Professor of Criminal Justice at New York University School of Law. His mission of making the[…]

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