Welcome to my studio

I’ve been going live on instagram for a few months now, every week.

Why I’ve done this is to revolutionize the way that artists create and share.

So much is behind closed doors – and as a person who likes to keep things private, I get it.

Yet we live in an age where we often think and believe that the finished product is the final moment for an artist.

And I’m really into process and progress over perfection.

I’m also really into being as honest as possible. I want to share what failure and uncertainty look like for me. I want to share how I make pieces and hopefully inspire you to do so too.

Here is the archive of my studio diaries to date. I hope you enjoy and find connection in each one.

Thank you for watching. Want more? Let’s make art together, or talk time management. As always, I believe in you, with all my heart.



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