This is where you belong


You may have been following along and know this, but I’m in a deep transitional time of life.

I’m finding my footing as a solopreneur, after a really long creative winter, and I’ve had a lot of revelations.

A big one is that community that surrounds itself around business achievements feels yucky to be part of. Meaning, I’m part of some communities that I think I’ll be stepping away from soon, because that’s what my inner voice is SCREAMING to me.

I value authenticity.

I value real experiences that may not have anything to do with climbing a ladder or getting to 6 figures.

I value being seen as I am, not trying to be hyper polished for people to like me.

Most of all: I value conversations about how privilege is an enormous part in playing big.

I discuss all of this and also am super goofy in my latest studio diary. Check it out below, it’s about 20 minutes long.

As I contemplate where I belong and fear losing the connection I feel in some of the business communities I’m part of, I also know there’s another way. I made art to help me process all this transformation, not knowing that the words this is where I belong would be the focus. But it came forth, as all healing practices tend to invite, as a whisper.

In the end, no matter what community you’re a part of, I want you to know:

this is where you belong. Right here, now, perfectly imperfect is your space to thrive. I love you. I see you.

The piece that I’m making in this video has sold, but I have a lot of others that I know you’ll like – just in time for the holidays. Check my online shop out here.

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