Loving what is doesn’t come easy

Loving what is, a path that I’m always walking. I tend to believe the grass is greener on the others side – a lot. A few days ago, I took a day retreat. I went back to a place where, when I was last there, I was 8 months pregnant. I realized, now 3 years[…]

The one thing missing from all this creativity talk

For a bit of time, I was doing creativity coaching — helping passionate women by giving them feedback and structure of what could guide them to make their creative ideas a reality. Then, this theme kept occurring over and over in the nearly 20 women I was mentoring during this time: I’m not feeling creative.[…]

Seeking what’s the next in your life requires this…

“For years I wanted a good marriage, and to become a mother. Now that I have what I’ve wanted…I’m feeling stuck.” I said to my dearest friend. “Well, it sounds like you need to figure out what you want now,” she so simply reflected to me. Her simple question stopped me dead in my tracks.[…]

Why do you feel nostalgic?

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately.   While there are moments that sinking into past memories feels good – in the big picture, getting caught in the memory loop doesn’t always feel good.   In context of our Soul Cycles, nostalgia is a function of the Seeking cycle – a cycle that comes up when we[…]

This post is my most important one to date

I’m in the midst of a tough cycle. My beautiful, teething toddler has me really slowed down and feeling sleepy. In case you’re new here — I’m a full time mama. Meaning, I don’t have my son in daycare or preschool, nor do I have a regular nanny scheduled. I work on my business while[…]

Grieving what you need to grieve

I’ve been grieving the loss of a plant. It kind of feels absurd to write this, giving that there’s much more in the world going on to grieve about. Yet, I’m grieving the loss of a plant.  It died in the 10 degree weather when I moved into my new home.  This was a 35[…]

I cried in the grocery store parking lot

and found my strength again… Yesterday, I sat in the grocery store parking lot and cried. I cried because of exhaustion, I cried because everything felt so heavy, I cried because I really didn’t know how to go forward. I felt conflict upon conflict internally, and it was weighing me down. I teach acceptance that[…]

Learning trust with blind contour drawing

I’m in a place today where I’m dancing with the idea of a big change for me, and for my family. It’s a decision that has pros and cons on each side of the table. (I am not being vague to keep you guessing, it’s a sensitive matter that isn’t public yet!) Have you ever[…]

Practice being seen

A few days ago, I showed my son a drawing I was working on, and he smiled and giggled.  He then proceeded to do what he was doing, and me too. I am working on letting my son see my life. You know, the stuff that isn’t just me being his keeper and running around from[…]

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