Giving permission

I am wearing a badge of busy these day. I wrestle with this badge, because I believe being “busy” is sometimes a cop-out for showing up for life. Or at least being busy was my excuse against living my life fully for a very long time. Sometimes, though, you are downright FILLED with the happening of your […]

The truth about what I want

Recently, I was going through a rough patch, as we all do from time to time. Important relationships were appearing in my life like relation-shits (as my dear friend Jana Kellam teaches), several of my mechanical tools broke within 24 hours, and I was fearful and stressed about all the details of my life. Honestly, […]

A love affair

This love affair like all others you know. Inspecting all the smallest aspects that you love about your love… Being love struck and forgetting about other priorities… Lots of private time to out what your chemistry is like… But, here’s the one part that may be different than all other love affairs you’ve experienced. This […]