Time management consult



Clarity helps you feel freedom in your precious life. I want you to feel free.

I support you as you are – not try to change you into someone else.

This one hour call/video session is tailored to your needs at this moment. 

Topics I consult on:

Time management for your unique life

Gaining clarity on how to use your creative voice

Organization of thoughts or if you’re overwhelmed by your ideas

Creative habits and structures + systems for your art making

What it’s like: In this call, I begin with a centering meditation and then lead you through my time management protocol questions. I’ll ask reflective questions, offer perspective when you need it, and help you see that time is on your side. I often offer practical tools you can use to support you with your next steps with your relationship to time.

Details: I will follow up with you after purchase (within 24 hours) to schedule our call + check in with you (your call must be scheduled within 3 weeks of purchase date). Please see my online calendar here to know what my hours are before purchasing this product.

This call will be recorded, if you give permission, for your reference.

I’m excited to support you and remind you of your gifts and strengths.

*Add on available for making art during these sessions. Send me a message if this option interests you.


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Who am I and why do I teach time management?

For over a decade, I’ve managed schedules, timelines, and calendars for artists and students. My background and training is in studio art and art history, and I have a knack for organization.

I’m the primary parent for my son, meaning for the last 3.5 years I’ve raised him and also kept a studio practice for my art (while taking about a year pause!).

I maintain a sane life around my husband, a professional musician, and his varied schedule.

I’ve studied time management and creativity voraciously, and taught it in my client practice for over 5 years. 

I love thinking of time as a relationship we can feel harmony with, while keeping it real that we live by a 24 hour clock in our world!

rose candela

What my clients say:

Rose has the ability to help you see things that you know you know but sometimes you bury.” – Pam F

“Instead of beating myself up if I wasn’t getting more done, I found a path to a grounded, healthy, flowing process. Rose is both a wonderful listener and holder of space, as well as an insightful and thought-provoking facilitator of creative growth.” ~ Jana Kellam

“Rose opened a gateway for me to have a deeper, more enjoyable, more creative life.” – Molly Rose


Time management consult

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