Soul Cycle Sessions


Do you ever feel a sense apathy about where your life is heading?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you want to do, and with what little time there is in the day?

Do you desire an understanding of your creative rhythm and how to stay creatively motivated? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, let me remind you:

You are a living, breathing, & ever changing Divine being.  

There’s nothing wrong with you.  

Your soul experiences life through cycles—cycles of light and dark, cycles of productivity and nothingness, cycles of seeking and releasing, cycles of happiness and sadness.
It’s time to embrace your life cycle and love it for what it is—through Soul Cycle Sessions. 
This isn’t a program about fixing you, or helping you to change, or to coach you into a new person. 
Soul Cycle Sessions empowers you to identify what stage of life you are in, and to harness the wisdom that lives inside of you right now.

During your Soul Cycle Sessions you will learn to:

Name and identify your current Soul Cycle
Use the boons of your current Soul Cycle to love + accept yourself deeper
Find more compassion for your life as it is right now
Access the Soul Cycles to find more joy in your every day life experiences
Engage your mood and creative inspiration in order to be productive
Recognize the moon and cosmic phases and what it means for your Soul Cycle
Partake in rituals + creative activities to keep you grounded during your 4 week Soul Cycle Session

And most of all: integrate all this information on a practical day to day basis 

Are you ready to begin to love your soul for where it is, right now?

Join me now by adding this item to your cart, limited space is available each month. 

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Soul Cycle Sessions is a 4 week program, beginning at any day in the calendar month.
Here’s what your month of Soul Cycle Sessions include:
  • An online assessment that will be discussed during our first call

  • An audio introduction to the 4 Soul Cycles

  • A booklet for you to reference and learn about Soul Cycles

  • Two 45 minute one-on-one sessions (done via skype or telephone)

  • Two video modules on how to apply the Soul Cycles to your life

  • Access to me throughout the 4 weeks via email

  • A support package of items curated mailed straight to your door

An example of our month together (the weeks can vary depending on your schedule)
Week 1: Live coaching call (we do this through Skype or over the phone, even if you are local to my area!)
Week 2: You will receive a video module on implementing the Soul Cycle framework to your life’s big questions — practically and efficiently
Week 3: You will receive a second video module on using the Soul Cycle framework to help you with a sense of belonging in your life

Week 4: Live coaching call, with an email follow up on next steps.

Email support available for our one month together. 

This format can be re-arranged to meet your specific needs, too.

* Plus some bonus material sent to you in the form of inspiration, tools, ideas, and as a guides to get you to living in deep compassion for what soul cycle you are experiencing right now.*  
How it works:
Once you purchase your Soul Cycle Session, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during check out within 24 hours. 
Then, I will set up a time for you to begin your Soul Cycle Session with our first coaching call and thus begins our 4 weeks together.

All purchases are non-refundable. Due to the process of information being given upon purchase, you will not be refunded your investment after your purchase.

So, if you have questions before joining me, contact me here.

Also, if you’d like to know more about a payment plan, please contact me for more information.