Learn Creativity


Learn Creativity: a woman’s guide to self acceptance through the creative seasons

This course teaches you how to:

  • Begin even when you don’t know where to begin
  • Claim what makes you creatively unique
  • Track and observe your mood and energy phases
  • Practice finishing and completing your painting, projects, and creations
  • Avoid creatively burning out with one simple tool (that’s in all of us!)
  • Connect with nature even in a busy world
  • Paint in a way that leaves you feel refreshed
  • Learn to trust that who you are is enough

Results you’ll see:

  • A sense of peace within yourself 
  • Having fun in your creations and starting new projects
  • Confidence that you’re using your authentic and true creative voice
  • Trusting that your projects and painting are complete
  • Feeling frazzled scrambling after your idea
  • More creating with less time 

I created Learn Creativity for you, beautiful creative one. You matter, your ideas matter, but maybe you don’t feel like creating right now. That’s normal. Maybe your projects have failed, and you fear starting again. That’s normal. Maybe you don’t want to be a professional artist, all you want is for your art to be fun again. That’s normal.

I have a long and windy journey with creativity, with claiming myself as an artist. Being an artist has felt like it wasn’t enough, or that it was too much to keep up with. Once I began to see creativity as seasonal, my art and sense of purpose felt rooted in trust and peace. Making art became fun again. I felt the pressure release of needing to perform as an artist.

It’s time to reclaim your time, your sense of worth and Learn Creativity with me today.

Over 300 people have trusted me as a teacher in their creative path. Will you accompany them and open your life to a new chapter of peace and possibilities? Join today and have a lifetime of access to this info that will change your relationship to creativity.

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Learn creativity is an online video course and is a self paced. You also will have the opportunity to download audio versions of each lesson for on-the-go access. Total time of material is 2 hours.


Do I have to be a visual artist to understand the info?

No – you don’t have to consider yourself anything but you to see results from this course. In the painting module, I demonstrate my painting based on the creative seasons. I give detail instructions if you want to paint along with me — but you can also listen to the audio of this module and get tons of inspiration too.

I feel like I already know how to be creative. Why do I need to learn the creative seasons?

The seasons are a framework that literally all people can understand, in some form or another. We talk about the weather all the time, right? So looking at your creative desire or impulse as seasonal will support you to navigate your creative blocks as well as your creative sparks.

Do I have to join another FB group?

With my hands waving in the air: hallelujah no. I went back and forth on whether to make this a group experience. All my students have practically begged me to keep it simple, and so I have — this course is this course. There’s no other FB groups or live meet-ups. You’ll get access to the info immediately upon checkout, and have the info for a lifetime.

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