Creating with the Seasons: planning your business and your creations


Business planning cycle

Do you you feel confusion about what to do in your business planning cycle because there are so many options.

How about feeling overwhelm from looking at someone’s prolific work on social media, and thinking well, I can’t be like her.

Do you wonder why some days you feel like you can do a lot, and other days you can’t muster any strength?

This is a simple online course about using the cycles of your life to plan for your business and your creations.

This information is for you if:

You are want to know how to plan your business cycle (yes, your business cycles).

You get the case of the “mondays” in your work. 

You want to cure creative burnout.

You deserve to feel worthy, valuable, and productive — no matter what season of life you are in.

This information is self-paced study. Due to the nature of the information being given out upon purchase, the course is non-refundable.

Upon purchase, you will be able to download a document that has your login information for the course.


What’s included:

3 videos on how to use this for business planning cycles, why this is important for your inner peace, and a new way to track your time.
approximately 30 minutes total video time

2 downloadable information sheets

Lifetime access to this information

Also – a bonus video:: sneak peak from my upcoming course:: building a simple intuitive painting ::