Clarity Calls


For existing clients If you need clarity around a thought, to check-in and get perspective, or revisit previously discussed topics: this package is for you.

Includes 3 one hour calls or video sessions to refresh and reflect on the wisdom that is inside of you. Must be used within 6 weeks of first session. Within 24 hours of purchase, I will email you my online scheduler. Calls typically are Saturday or Sunday mornings.  


  1. Hillary Trumpler

    I am a returning client of Rose; I started with Soul Cycle Sessions and moved to clarity calls after that. In our months and work together her work with me has been transformational. As a fellow creative who works with clientele of my own, I often struggled to discern, feel, and embrace my emotions as well as embrace full acceptance of myself and the seasons of my life as a woman and as a creative. Rose’s mirror style of coaching me helped me to feel completely safe, loved, and embraced. We were able to dive in deep rather quickly in our work together, and I have always felt supported and encouraged after our calls. She also has sparked creativity in my artwork through her intuitive art making guidance which has not only helped my music and teaching career, but also my own creative expressions through fun artwork and other projects. I feel like I have come to a new understanding of my gifts as a woman, a cyclical being, and a creator. I feel more empowered and energetic in my work than ever, all through embracing and accepting my gifts. I no longer feel “crazy”, as I accept how I am connected, normal, and not alone; rather part of a larger community of empowered female creatives. I attribute this to my work with Rose, and I recommend her highly!

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