6 month mentoring


Creativity is the tool that unlocks the answers to your deepest questions.

Creativity reminds you that your life is precious.

Creativity helps you to understand and access your emotions.

Join this radical self care plan today and immerse yourself into this 6 month creativity mentorship with me.

This is designed to be interactive with your unique life needs, desire, and wishes. You are worth it!



6 month mentorship program includes:  

  • every other week 60-75 minute check in calls (12 total calls)
  • weekly email prompts on themes for living creatively (24 weekly prompts)
  • Email questions or thoughts accepted at all times during our mentorship (during my work week Tuesday-Saturday)
  • Access to my ever evolving resource list filled with articles and research to keep you inspired
  • PDF booklet of 24 creativity prompts summarizing our time together
  • Full access to my online course, Learn Creativity.


  1. Rose

    “In the weeks I spent talking with Rose, I became more aware and comfortable with the idea of pregnancy and motherhood. We would sit together, sip tea and have easy discussion about my life, goals, habits, and dreams. Some days we would move together, walking or dancing, other days we would stay in and delve into imagination and creativity. Rose helped me to reveal my deepest layers of personal connection and trust with myself so that I became more confident and clear about my future desires of being a mother. Now I’m pregnant and prepared (in some ways) for the path ahead…more beauty, love and creation!” ~ Allison H.M. Welder, yoga instructor

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