I’m so tired of intention setting

It’s true.

I’m tired of setting intentions. 


Part of it is my rebellious nature Aquarius moon woman nature. I feel like intention setting is something I should do, therefore I’m not going to do it.

Part of it is that I get really confused about how to set an intention when there’s so much going on in my world. 

Another part of it is:

I don’t really know what we all mean when talking about intentions.

Do you feel similiar about intention setting?

I have a private fb group where every week I ask my participants to set an intention. 

This week, for whatever reason, I got really stuck when setting my intention, so I decided to look up the meaning of the word intention.

This lead me to an incredible insight on how to look at the word intention.

As the daughter of a surgeon, this meaning got me really excited. 

You have to watch the video to find out exactly what I’m talking about. 

After watching this short video, here’s the questions I want you to ask yourself:

What part of me wants to heal?

What feeling would emerge if healing that part of me was possible?

What is that feeling?

(Name that feeling, here’s a list of feeling words if you are stuck with identifying it).

After naming that feeling, let THAT feeling be your intention theme.

In the above video, I also talk about what was coming up for me this week, and how I spun it into being part of my intention.

If you feel comfortable – tell me below what your intention is for today.


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