Finding creativity in the quiet

Happy leap day, dear one.

Time, space and the quiet within feels really important to me lately.

I am finding the void of doing to be one of the most inspiring thing for my lately.

I have been in a major surrender mode lately. Because: I am in the last couple of months of pregnancy, am I am more tired that I used to be and my ability to multi-task and over achieve doesn’t exist.




I celebrate the days that I can take care of myself fully and take care of my business, marriage, and all other relationships.

In those other moments, the low energy and lethargic moments, I am embracing the quiet.

Now, I crave the quiet in order to see myself most clearly.

When I am stripped away from my to-dos, my achievements, I am more fully me.

That living in me more fully me can be scary, exciting, and wild at times.

There’s space in the quiet that holds both infinite potential and no potential at all.

My creativity comes in when I get quiet. If I am trying to find my creativity through the noise (like internal chatter, judgement, worrying, or living in the future) it hardly ever ever shows up for me.


Tell me, dear one, when does your creativity come to visit you? Have you noticed it’s more present when you give yourself time and space to be?

To finding your creativity in the quietest moments,

R o s e

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