The Great Confusion

During the era of covid-19, we’re all probably confused about something. What can we do to get clarity? In the recent months, people have been given a lot of advice on how to live. Way more than we’ve ever, in our timeline, been given. And the advice given is as varied dumplings are across cultures […]

No photoshop necessary

The other day I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to photoshop my face. I have a bunch of swelling under my eyes these days from a unique combination of genetics, crying, and sleeplessness. I have a skin tag on my lower eye lid that sometimes I imagine is all people see when they […]

A note to my warrior self

To the Rose in this photo, 4 years ago and 40 hours into labor of her baby. This is what I want you to know: Your baby will be here early tomorrow morning, as light begins to crack open the dawn. You have been moving mountains and calling upon the strength of your ancestors to […]

Made to be resilient

As corona virus sweeps through the world, I’ve thought a lot about our ancestors. Particularly my ancestors, who I know best (just like you know your ancestors best). I wrote this in an instagram post at the beginning of March: Your ancestors did this. Your lineage of people went through this, this feeling of unknown, […]

They don’t see your insides

On being vulnerable, especially during corona time. Vulnerability is hard. I can’t imagine a life without it, because the most amazing connections come from it. Yet approaching doing something that makes me vulnerable: eh, some days I’d rather not. Recently, I was given the honor of giving a master class for Asha Frost’s Sacred membership, […]