I didn’t plan for this

I’m a planner. Not quite in the pinterest way, the color coded calendar way. My planning is rehearsing tragedies so I’ll be prepared. My planning is counting calories so I don’t change in size. My planning is saying I’ll be doing something by a certain age, and when that doesn’t happen I feel anger. So,[…]

Making amends with the pandemic

Botanical drawing by me, Rose Candela. Check my shop for other available original art! A few days ago my husband, son, and I were on a vacation, visiting a science museum. It was a joyous time. And, at the same time, I felt a tinge of grief. The grief (that day) was about all that[…]

What if death was part of the gift?

What if death was part of the gift? I received this exquisite bouquet of flowers, and today shared with Jason how I was having lil anxiety because, well, the flowers were falling away. But what if contemplating death was part of the gift? I know it’s unsexy to talk about how we’re going to die,[…]

But I miss the carrot cake, too

Recently, I was laid up in bed sick (not with covid) and was on tiktok for entertainment during those weird stretches of not wanting to read, watch a show, but…tiktok. I noticed this interesting trend. I’ll call it “I miss her”. What you see at first is an image of a mother and her baby,[…]

Have you heard the news?

I went after a dream of mine, one that has been seeded for about 15 years. I applied and was accepted into an accredited Master of Library Science program, and I’m over the moon thrilled.  I had been intimidated by a few things about returning to graduate school for a while, but finally things just[…]

Studio structure made easy

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is this: how do you make time to make art? While I wish it was a simple as having some sort of time management system, but truly the answer is this: I have all my supplies easily accessible and ready for when the time presents itself.[…]

You’re more than what you do

It’s confusing to be here sometimes, isn’t it? You’re told to identify by your career or your status. As in, in your bio you’ll write: teacher, mother, wife…etc. Yet. You’re much more than what you do. Who you are isn’t how you spend your time. Because if who we are, like the core essence of[…]

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