Expectations are a portal to self acceptance

When I was a new mama, I learned a thing or two about expectations surrounding my life as a new mother. Most importantly, what I learned was that my expectations were exhausting me. Can you relate? I believe expectations are the root to getting lost in our life. Yet…I also believe that expectations can be […]

The healing power of watercolors

It feels like no mistake that during my recent vacation I dove deeply into watercolors with my art. Energetically, watercolor painting is all about being in the flow, using water to manipulate and change the saturation of the paint. During my vacation, I was taking time to regain focus and rest and celebrate my son […]

Loving yourself through life’s transitions

I did it! I made a second VLOG for you. I’m really enjoying this version of bringing a message straight to your ears and heart. Today’s vlog theme is loving yourself through life’s transitions. Really, all the theme for everything I do, in my art or coaching, is finding love for yourself. This video is […]

Contentment is my practice today

Hello dear one. I’m trying out vlogging (video logging or video blogging). I still love to write, so this vlog-ing may stick around or it may be a once in a lifetime thing. Either way, I hope you can take about 10 minutes to listen in to my musings on a theme in my life […]