Why do we avoid gratitude?


A few months ago, I was having a conversation with my mentorship client about practices that ground here into her life. As we dove deep, it was uncovered that she avoids gratitude practice. I could relate, and I’m guessing you may too. Gratitude practice at times feels like too much on top of our busy […]

Practice Should-less days

should-less days

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where actress Ellen Burstyn talked about her practice of regaining her composure after a busy time. How does she do so? Ms. Burstynย prescribes herself should-less days, where she frees herself from obligation for a full day. Lately, I have been in a should-less period of my life. After […]

5 ways art leads to mindfulness

art and mindfulness

This article of mine was originally published through Wanderlust.com. This week has been full, and I will explain why in my coming posts. For now, enjoy this revisit of a truly important subject… You are the artist of your life. Every time you speak, daydream, or make a move you are creating your lifeโ€™s picture. […]

What if you loved your body?

love love love

This is the beginning of a series I am writing about the link between self-care and creativity. I believe theย two don’t exist without one another. I hope you find some wisdom and love for yourself in each word. Today, what if you loved your body? What if you really, truly, unconditionally loved this vessel that […]