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I am a new mama, constantly balancing the details of my business life, personal life, and caring for my son.

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Contentment is my practice today


Hello dear one. I’m trying out vlogging (video logging or video blogging). I still love to write, so this vlog-ing may stick around or it may be a once in a lifetime thing. Either way, I hope you can take about 10 minutes to listen in to my musings on a theme in my life […]

10 survival tips for new moms

new mama support

Hey there mama. I am writing this post for you, as you wade the waters of early motherhood. Life change in such a grand way (like becoming a mama) can be beautiful, but also daunting and full of a flood of emotions. As a new mama myself, I know those early months were full of […]

Here’s how to be a dreamer and stay present

how to be a

Almost all of my life, I’ve craved for what is in the ether and unknown. You can totally say that I am a dreamer. I loved to live in my imagination as a child, wandering the thick woods around my home seeing the landscape as a whole village. As a young adult, I considered myself […]

A look at Beyonce’s bigger message

Beyoncé's performance at the 2017 Grammy Award Ceremony. Via, click image for source.

I don’t know the entire picture of what people are saying about Beyoncé’s performance at the 2017 Grammy Award ceremony. I have a nine month old that takes up almost any and all of my free time. Yet, I watched Beyoncé’s performance through blurry eyes last night and was riveted. There was so much beauty […]