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Here’s how to be a dreamer and stay present

how to be a

Almost all of my life, I’ve craved for what is in the ether and unknown. You can totally say that I am a dreamer. I loved to live in my imagination as a child, wandering the thick woods around my home seeing the landscape as a whole village. As a young adult, I considered myself […]

A look at Beyonce’s bigger message

Beyoncé's performance at the 2017 Grammy Award Ceremony. Via, click image for source.

I don’t know the entire picture of what people are saying about Beyoncé’s performance at the 2017 Grammy Award ceremony. I have a nine month old that takes up almost any and all of my free time. Yet, I watched Beyoncé’s performance through blurry eyes last night and was riveted. There was so much beauty […]

Is Creativity what you thought it would be?


Dear one, Is creativity what you thought it would be? Is creativity showing up in your life in the ways you dreamed of? Is your creative path full of joy and knowing? Yesterday, I was on a jog alone (shout-out to mama self care time!) and had this thought reoccurring in my mind: My creative path is […]


promise-original painting

Promise. This artwork of mine is a dear one to my heart, she’s a little over two years old. I created this piece by washing a deep blue india ink over raw wood surface. Then, I let the lines and details fill in the rest of the story of the painting. Promise. What a heavy word. What […]