My weekly musings will be posted less frequently as I take leave to embrace this precious time of my expanding family.

I hope you enjoy reading the over 100 blogs on this site on all things creativity ~ thank you for being here.

R o s e


promise-original painting

Promise. This artwork of mine is a dear one to my heart, she’s a little over two years old. I created this piece by washing a deep blue india ink over raw wood surface. Then, I let the lines and details fill in the rest of the story of the painting. Promise. What a heavy word. What […]

Inspirations today


Since my son was born 8 months ago, I’ve written a lot. Here and there, I’ve written in order to stay centered, sane, and to relate my experiences to the big picture. I write mostly about my experiences post birth and in early motherhood. I’m in the process of curating these entries to bring to […]

Living artfully when everything changes

living artfully when everything changes (1)

Before I gave birth to my son, I had expectations of what life would look life after he was born. My oh my, did life’s plan have a whole other road for me to travel down than the road of my expectations. As often with expectations, these expectations become our teacher by making way for […]