My weekly musings will be posted less frequently as I take leave to embrace this precious time of my expanding family.

I hope you enjoy reading the over 100 blogs on this site on all things creativity ~ thank you for being here.

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Finding creativity in the quiet


Happy leap day, dear one. Time, space and the quiet within feels really important to me lately. I am finding the void of doing to be one of the most inspiring thing for my lately. I have been in a major surrender mode lately. Because: I am in the last couple of months of pregnancy, […]

Saying nothing is sometimes the best

Things that you can say to a pregnant woman if you want to comment on her pregnant body-(Nothing at all).You look beautiful.You are radiant.How are you feeling-(Smile).

I wrote this as a personal facebook update a few days ago. It was a vulnerable post, one that I’ve been mulling over writing since I started showing in my pregnancy. At that same time, I started to get commentary on my body’s appearance. This felt strange to me. This felt unnatural to me. Most of […]

The secret message about your icky feelings

There's a lot out of control in your life. But it's not out of reason for being in your life.

Icky feelings…feelings of anxiety, despair, confusion, unknowing…they happen. The icky emotions happen even if we are living the perfect formula for feeling good and right all the time. Why do the icky emotions occur? Because… You are human. You feel the range of emotions because it’s simply part of life. There’s nothing wrong with you when […]