My weekly musings will be posted less frequently as I take leave to embrace this precious time of my expanding family.

I hope you enjoy reading the over 100 blogs on this site on all things creativity ~ thank you for being here.

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Living artfully when everything changes

living artfully when everything changes (1)

Before I gave birth to my son, I had expectations of what life would look life after he was born. My oh my, did life’s plan have a whole other road for me to travel down than the road of my expectations. As often with expectations, these expectations become our teacher by making way for […]

Finding creativity in the quiet


Happy leap day, dear one. Time, space and the quiet within feels really important to me lately. I am finding the void of doing to be one of the most inspiring thing for my lately. I have been in a major surrender mode lately. Because: I am in the last couple of months of pregnancy, […]

Saying nothing is sometimes the best

Things that you can say to a pregnant woman if you want to comment on her pregnant body-(Nothing at all).You look beautiful.You are radiant.How are you feeling-(Smile).

I wrote this as a personal facebook update a few days ago. It was a vulnerable post, one that I’ve been mulling over writing since I started showing in my pregnancy. At that same time, I started to get commentary on my body’s appearance. This felt strange to me. This felt unnatural to me. Most of […]